May 14, 2009

Shining St☆r

Br☆ndon Rich☆rd Flowers!
Hot, good looking, talented and fabulous singer.

May 13, 2009


Dear You,
Welcome to my -first time be a blogger-, well actually i'm not really into this thing,but its not wrong to try,aite?
although i am not really good at writing but sumtimes can be so good, depending on my mood and yes i am moody!
Ok first of all.. my name is yanti, Grew up in a small town called Kupang,NTT, with two siblings. Well I’m the first, currently living in jakarta, Indonesia. I consider myself as a selfish bitch but I guess ppl don’t see me in that way and I kinda like it. I am a very simple girl, easy going, not complicated, not melancholic, I’m happy with my own life with no one telling me what I should do & what I should not. It’s my life; not yours. I always smile, cheers and laugh. I don't like to show people that I’m heart broken or disappointed. But i do like to show ppl if i disagree about sumthing, i am a very critical person. I dont like if anyone lies to me even i also ever do that. I enjoy reading, singing, sleeping, I like beaches, nightlife,clubbing,dancing and always have fun around friends,esp. great friends!!! and always work hard play harder! Last thing u have to know..i'm gonna be a cute funky rich stylish great doctor.. Soon!